relaxation in the 24th century


relaxation in the 24th century


Nintendo Comic Peach > Any other Peach.

How to Make Dinner with ADHD


  1. Go to the cheap grocery store that’s between work and home and wander around buying a whole bunch of unrelated stuff, including beef, which you rarely eat, because you have a coupon.
  2. Actually remember to use coupon.
  3. Get home.
  4. Look in cookbook for beef recipes. Decide to make goulash because you have all the ingredients.
  5. Cook the beef halfway.
  6. It’s time to put add chopped onion. You don’t have any onions.
  7. Stare at pan for a while, wondering if goulash would taste even remotely good without onion. Realize that it won’t.
  8. Take beef off stove. Cover it so the cat will not eat it.
  9. Get in car and drive towards closer, more expensive grocery store.
  10. While on the way, your cat-dinner alarm goes off.
  11. Get to store. Find onions and buy three so you can chop up and freeze the other two to avoid this situation in the future.
  12. Wander around the store looking for Naked Green Machine.
  13. Remember you have half-cooked beef and a very hungry kitty at home.
  14. Check out and drive home.
  15. Be greeted by insistent, hangry cat at door.
  16. Make cat alarm go off again and feed the cat.
  17. Finally get around to finishing the goulash, which takes over an hour to simmer.
  18. Write about it on Tumblr during the time you should be boiling water for pasta to eat with the goulash.
  19. Eat goulash. Suddenly remember that you don’t like goulash. In fact, this goulash is much grosser than your mom’s goulash.
  20. Wish you had called your mom for her goulash recipe instead of relying on Betty Crocker because your mom would have reminded you that you don’t like goulash.
  21. Put rest of goulash in a container and stick in the fridge, where it will mold for a couple months until you throw it out.
  22. Wonder wherever you should have just skipped a step and thrown out the result of two impulsive and gas-guzzling trips to the store tonight.



Oh my g-d, my friend made the shittiest website in the world as a joke because he didn’t care about his assignment and his professor loved it and it’s going to be in our foundation show next year. 

This shit

is going to be in a gallery and I can’t handle the world right now.

hoooolLY SHIT


nola porch perfection in white iron - riverbend


nola porch perfection in white iron - riverbend




Literally oh




when you send a reply that you know is gonna kill your partner